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27 Questions about Heaven

by Randy Alcorn

All these questions are addressed in Randy Alcorn's book Heaven. Most of them have clear, though not comprehensive, biblical answers. The others that don't have clear answers can be intelligently speculated upon, based on what Scripture does tell us.

  1. Is Heaven a realm for disembodied spirits, or a physical place where we'll have bodies?
  2. Is there a difference between the Heaven we go to when we die and the Heaven we'll live in after the resurrection?
  3. What is the new earth? Will it be like Eden? Will it have natural wonders? Will some of the same places of this earth be on the new earth?
  4. Won't it get boring? What will we do? Will we work? Rest? Play?
  5. What will it be like to see God's face and worship him? How will our relationship with God change?
  6. Will we be the same people? With the same personalities and emotions? Will we become angels?
  7. What will we look like? What age will we be?
  8. Will we eat and drink?
  9. Will there be a continuity between our past lives and our future ones? Will we remember our old lives, family and friends?
  10. Will we be conscious immediately after death, or will we sleep until the resurrection?
  11. Will we know everything? Will we learn? Will there be books and libraries?
  12. Will there be races? Nations? Earthly civilizations?
  13. Will there be culture? Art? Music? Sports? Entertainment? Technology?
  14. Will we laugh, celebrate and have fun?
  15. What will it mean to reign with Christ?
  16. What kind of rewards will there be? If some have greater rewards than others, will they be happier?
  17. Will there be animals? Might our pets be there?
  18. Will we have our own places to live?
  19. Will we travel? Explore? Journey to other planets? Go back in time?
  20. Do people in Heaven know what's presently happening on earth? Do they pray for those on earth?
  21. Will we be married and have families? Will we have sex?
  22. Do babies who die go to Heaven? Will they remain babies in Heaven, or will they be "grown up"?
  23. Will we grieve over loved ones not there?
  24. Will there be time?
  25. Will we be capable of sinning? Could there be another fall?
  26. Will be we able to meet and talk with past historical figures and Bible characters?
  27. Who will be in Heaven? Can we be sure we're going there?

by Randy Alcorn, Eternal Perspective Ministries, 2229 E. Burnside #23, Gresham, OR 97030, 503-663-6481,

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