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"Finally! A handbook for the critical job of protecting the freedom of our churches, our children, and our nation Ö. tells us how to take a firm Christian standówith wisdom and reason."
Melody Green Sievright, Last Days Ministries

Where Do I Draw the Line? by Michael P. Farris

The past fifty years of American history have witnessed a remarkable steamrolling of Christian values and beliefs. It seems the media both perpetuates and chronicles increasingly bolder attacks as Christian liberties are ignored and violated. Christians feel themselves pushed beyond limits and, too often, do not know how to respond.

Constitutional lawyer Michael Farris has represented Christians in many of the best-known religious freedoms cases of the 1980s and early '90s. Where Do I Draw the Line? offers solid, practical advice. With principles and steps of action, Christians will be able to respond effectively and with integrity when faced with wrongful pressure coming from the institutions related to their jobs, communities, and schools that are supposed to protect and serve them.

Overviews on todayís most pressing issuesójob harassment, Christian and home schooling, church-zoning restrictions and counseling liabilities, parental rights and public educationówill be explored. Readers will discover the best way to fight for their rights and freedoms, how to decide if litigation is advisable, how to find the best legal help, and how to maintain a peaceful manner in the process. SYNOPSIS How Christians can respond when their legal rights are ignored, violated, or attacked at all levels of life.

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