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For each long day, each trip, each camp-out, pick up I-can't-wait-to-turn-the-page books for kids of all ages.

Reading with your children is one of the best ways to enjoy quality time together.  As your children grow, fostering their love for books will positively impact many areas of their life.  Reading benefits your children emotionally and intellectually. The following books have spiritual value as well, introducing young children to God and equipping older kids to develop their faith.

First Readers - Ages 0-4
Elementary Readers - Ages 4-8
Preteens - Ages 8-12
Teenagers - Ages 13 and up

First Readers - Ages 0-4

First Virtues for Toddlers (vols. 1-4)

Cuddly animals teach simple virtues to toddlers in each of four board books, promised to instill truth during laptime, nap time reading. Delightful rhymes and colorful illustrations help little ones understand and develop the fruit of the Spirit.

The Prayer of Jesus Board Book

More than 200,000 adults have been challenged to a deeper, more satisfying prayer life by Hank Hanegraaff's The Prayer of Jesus. Now Hanegraaff with help from Junior Bear and the lovable Bear family brings Jesus' powerful prayer to young children. Each colorful spread features winsome illustrations and child-friendly rhymes that teach kids a different aspect of Jesus' prayer. This is an easy way to help children hide the Lord's Prayer in their hearts!

Jesus Loves You

Build your child's confidence in Jesus' constant love and make story time a special family time. Rhyming text and picture clues enable your child to be part of the reading experience--and soon he or she will be "reading" to you! Brief questions and Scripture verses offer even more ways for parent and child to interact and further assure your child of Jesus' love.

 Playtime Devotions

Even your infants and toddlers can share in devotions! Transform playtime into "God time" with fun activities that teach little ones about God's love. These interactive devotions feature key thoughts, Bible verses, prayers, and exercises based on familiar games like "This Little Piggie" and songs like "London Bridge."

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Elementary Readers - Ages 4-8

Who is Jesus?

From the publisher: The Little Blessings characters by illustrator Elena Kucharik return for the second book in the Questions from Little Hearts series, Who is Jesus? This book of full-color contemporary illustrations for three to six year olds contains questions that kids might ask about Jesus. Each answer is worded as if Jesus himself were speaking and is based on what scripture teaches us about God's son.

Higby Throws a Fit

It's not pretty when a monkey throws a fit like when Higby mimics a misbehaving girl to get the shiny toy he wants. The zookeeper, who' looking out for Higby's safety, has put it out of reach. But Higby devises a plan to get the toy anyway and discovers why sometimes God keeps us form getting what we want. This charming, full-color story for kids ages three to seven shares the important message that God, and parents, know best.

Marshmallow Clouds: and Other Yummy Things I Wish God Had Made

What if God let us have anything we wanted---like licorice and gummy bears, or hot-fudge sundaes piled high with whipped cream? Delightful rhyming couplets paired with "yummy" color illustrations teach your 4- to 8-year-olds that too much of a good thing may not be good for us, and God in his wisdom knows what's best.

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Preteens - Ages 8-12

C. S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia

Experience wondrous adventures in the land of Narnia! C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia have captured the hearts and imaginations of countless readers.  Add your child to the number of captivated readers by introducing the saga of Peter, Susan, Edmond, Lucy, and Aslan, the Christlike lion.
Choose from picture books, audio books, and boxed sets.

More than a Splatball Game! Squaring off with the Giants in Your Life

Welcome to Rocky Ridge, the splatball capital of the world! A bit like baseball, but much messier, splatball is the favorite game of Chip Livingstone, and his friends. In these ten stories, Chip, and the gang square off against some giants of their own. Join them and learn that with God, no giants are as big as they seem, not even giants like these: anger that's out of control; pressure to be popular; temptation to cheat; fear of embarrassment.

How Does God Do That?

How does God make the sun rise, the ground shake, or a cell function? Kids find out in this science book that points them to the Creator---and strengthens their faith. Includes experiments, activities, review questions, and answer keys that help children learn about the solar system, galaxies, life science, and more.

Secret Keeper Girl

Secret Keeper Girl is the perfect tool to help you connect with your daughter before the teenage years hit. Don't let the media and peer pressure become your daughter's mirror. Teach her the principles of godly modesty and inner beauty with Secret Keeper Girl. This easy-to-use manual guides you through a series of dates with your daughter that teach valuable lessons and create memories that will last a lifetime. Don't wait too long. Now is the time to make a lasting impression with Secret Keeper Girl.

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Teenagers - Ages 13 and up

Following Gandalf: Epic Battles and Moral Victory in The Lord of the Rings

Following Gandalf offers fans of The Lord of the Rings a deeper understanding of the sharp contrast between Tolkien's Christian worldview and that of our current culture. Author Matthew Dickerson digs deep into why Tolkien's work is widely read and appreciated, and suggests that our lives are enriched by the wisdom and ethics of Gandalf, the hobbits, and their companions. Dickerson uses these characters to explore the wisdom of Middle-Earth where moral and spiritual victory, rather than military success, is the real story.

Wait for Me

Looking for a great role model for your teens? Here's Exhibit A---Grammy and Dove Award-winning pop superstar Rebecca St. James! Drawing on Scripture, pop culture, and the lyrics to her chart-topping song "Wait for Me," Rebecca speaks to teens where they are---including those who've already made mistakes---and shows why "waiting" is worth it.

The Calling: A Challenge to Walk the Narrow Road

What is God asking you to do for him? And how can you have the courage to follow through no matter what the circumstances? In The Calling, you'll discover ten simple, straightforward steps for hearing God's voice, responding to his call, and spreading his love in extraordinary ways. You'll be inspired by Bible smuggler Brother Andrew's gripping true-life tales of bringing banned Christian literature into communist Chine, turbulent Africa, and repressive Muslim nations. And you'll gain courage from the amazing testimonies of people of different ages and cultures who are passionately living out their faith in spite of intense persecution. Walk the narrow road and experience God's calling for yourself. Life will never be the same and neither will you!

More Than Just Talk: A Journal for Girls

Being a member of the "in crowd," wearing designer labels, snagging "Mr. Right"---today's teenage girls are bombarded by the worldly values of contemporary culture. This fun, lighthearted, but spiritually honest journal includes write-in scenarios, ask-yourself quizzes, Bible study, prayer and worship opportunities, Scripture verses, quotations, and plenty of journaling space to help your daughter resist society's shallow morality, deal with "girl politics," and practice the virtues of self-worth, modesty, and purity.

Real Teens, Real Stories, Real Life

Darrin struggled with pornography since his early teen years and no matter how guilty he felt, did not believe there was a way out.
Nichole shuttled back and forth between foster homes because her own parents were drug addicts and dealers.
Jessa felt an incredible emptiness inside that she thought could only be filled through witchcraft.
Shana felt like nothing because her dad always told her she was a nothing -- even as he beat her mercilessly.
Chad was convinced that smoking pot wasn't a big deal until he ended up addicted to hard-core drugs and in jail.
The teens in this book are not fictitious characters. Their stories are not made up. They have experienced the full range of disappointments, heartaches, and personal failures that life can throw one's way. The good news is that all 39 teens in this book met Someone who changed their lives forever. That Someone is the God who loved them enough to die for them - who will never leave nor forsake them. As you read these stories of pain and triumph, open your heart to the same life-changing God they met.

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