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The Angry Child: Part 1

Sometimes parents fuel anger in their children without realizing it.

Four-year-old Chad stomps across the deck and grasps the doorknob. When it doesn’t work, he lets out an ear-splitting wail, then begins pummeling the door with pudgy fists. A verbal barrage punctuates his banging. His rage has several causes — fear, impatience and several targets (the locked door and the person who locked it).

Anger is a primary human emotion. At times, all of us experience anger. But like other emotions, it can and should be managed. However, many children are never taught anger management and go on to become angry adults. Anyone who has ever encountered a person with out-of-control rage knows the fear and feelings of embarrassment precipitated by an individual who gives full vent to this emotion.

Understanding the causes of anger will better help you guide your child in harnessing this potentially destructive emotion. As you come alongside your child in support, he will feel more hopeful and confident about managing his anger — especially when the whole family pulls together.

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