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Hope for Struggling Marriages - NEW

If you or someone you love is struggling in marriage, these tools will point to the love that God has for each of His children and illuminate Biblical truths that show His desire for reconciliation.

Biblical Foundation
Audio and Video Resources
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Biblical Foundation

What does the Bible say about marriage?
The Scriptures contain numerous verses relating to marriages and the interactions between a husband and wife.

What does the Bible say about divorce?
The Scriptures contain numerous verses relating to marriages and the interactions between a husband and wife.

Audio and Video Resources

We Still Do

Doug and Patty Daily didn't want to divorce, but they did hope one of them would die! Hear how God changed the course of their love. Patty thought Doug was self-centered. Doug thought Patty was the "black-hole of affection." They tell of the valleys they walked through before learning the real meaning of love.

Reconciled Marriages I-II

When a marriage is broken, how realistic is the possibility of reconciliation? Two couples join Dr. Jim Talley to discuss the potential for reconciliation for separated and divorced couples. Following the stories of marital failure and anguish are their updates about the rewarding restoration of their marriages. Included is practical information about Dr. Talley's "Reconciliation Instruction" program.

Choosing Wisely Before You Divorce: Video Resource Kit

If you are facing a marriage crisis and considering separation or divorce, this resource will help you sort out many complicated issues. Featuring marriage experts such as H. Norman Wright, Dr. Jim Talley, and Dr. Tony Evans, you will learn how divorce would affect you financially, physically, legally, spiritually, emotionally, and as a parent. Learn what divorce really costs.

Before You Divorce

Do you know someone considering divorce? Steve Grissom knows how painful divorce is and how much it costs financially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. Discover ways to pray for and help your friends avoid the severing of their marriage vows.


Hope For The Separated

Separation is not necessarily the beginning of the end. It may be only the beginning, says marriage counselor and author Gary Chapman. He argues that living apart may be needed for a season while tough-love actions are put in place. Through small, but significant steps, he advises on how to achieve reconciliation the biblical ideal for every separated couple.

Reconcilable Differences

Author Jim Talley shows that it is possible for a couple whose marriage is in serious trouble or a couple who is already divorced to restore harmony - and even love - to their relationship. Talley believes that the primary goal of reconciliation is to cause those who are angry, bitter, and hostile to be friendly again and bring back harmony, whether they are already separated, divorced or remarried. RECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES provides practical, biblical advice on how to resolve conflicts and develop a relationship based on mutual love, respect, and trust. A study guide is included at the back of the book.

Internet Articles

Hope For Families in Crisis
There would be fewer bitter divorces if young husbands and wives knew how to draw their drifting partners toward them, rather than relentlessly driving them away.

Twelve Marriage Killers
You can avoid the most common pitfalls if you know what to watch out for.

Explaining Separation to Children
"My husband and I are separated for the time being due to a difficulty in our relationship. We are in counseling and don't want to divorce. How do we explain to our 3-year-old son what is going on?"

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Hope for Struggling Marriages - NEW

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