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What are You Watching?

I will set no wicked things before my eyes... (Psalm 101:3)

How does your television, movie, and music Diet compare to Biblical standards? This worksheet will challenge you, your family, class, or church group to take a fresh look at your viewing habits in light of various passages of Scripture, including the 10 Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount.

This study guide, complete with Bible references and discussion questions, will stimulate thoughtful conversation within your family, bible study, youth group, Sunday School class.

You may download the "What Are You Watching" Study Guide and print copies for everyone in your group.

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164654: Taming the Media Monster: Family Guide to Television, Internet and All the RestTaming the Media Monster: Family Guide to Television, Internet and All the Rest
By Dan Andriacco

The presence and influence of mass media--television, the Internet, newspapers, advertisements--are everywhere. Understanding how and why media have so much influence in our culture and how to resist that influence when it opposes Christian values is a task every family must face. In this book, Dan Andriacco offers some practical suggestions to help families become media literate. With guidelines for decreasing the quantity and increasing the quality of media exposure, this book examines both the positive and negative aspects of various media forms and offers specific tactics for dealing with each. Navigating a sensible course between the extremes of uncritically consuming media and shunning it altogether, this book can show you how to make a powerful ally out of this potential foe. By using the principles in this book, you can help transform your family from passive media consumers to mindful media connoisseurs.

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