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Rule #7- Beware of the wall

Do not be deceived by the delusions of the wall.

Many marathoners hit "the wall" when total exhaustion sets in around mile 18. Because of the physical stress, the left hemisphere of your brain sends you streams of negative messages that tell you to quit. You begin to question your sanity. As fatigue and frustration mount, you ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?" While running on our 18-miles training day in fierce weather conditions, I definitely hit the wall. I asked myself, "Why am I running this stupid marathon?" My body ached and I could not breathe. I wanted to quit and I told myself that running the marathon was not worth it. I had already signed up and was well on my way to reaching my fundraising goal. I could still raise the money and get a t-shirt. I would just not participate in the actual marathon. I could take comfort in the fact that at least I had tried. I just wanted relief. And, besides, if that was how I was feeling at mile 18, how could I ever reach mile 26?

While we usually talked along the runs, on this particular day we simply trudged through the 18 miles in silence. What kept me going that day was seeing my other friends, right there with me (remember the importance of your pace group?). Even in their silence, they encouraged me. If they could do it, I would too. We were committed. Sometimes it is what happens in our silence that encourages people more than anything we could ever say. Just seeing them helped to inspire me and their actions helped to guide me!

In our Christian walk, we may often hit the wall, questioning why we are doing this, and if it's really worth it. Some may think, "I believe in Jesus, I am saved and going to heaven, so why all of this work? Can't I just 'wear the t-shirt' and continue to raise my money?" However, our journey is a lifelong commitment. We are saved unto good works. Do not be deceived by the delusions of the wall. Two things helped me through that day, my friends and prayer. When you become frustrated and need relief, seek fellowship with other believers and communion with God through prayer.

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