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The Bible in Basic English HTML Bible has been placed in the Public Domain, which means there is no copyright (nor can there ever be one) on this software.

The HTML Bible has been created by:
PO Box 31
Elmwood, TN 38560, USA

For Genesis 1, the filename will be B01C001.htm. For Matthew 24, the filename will be B40C024.htm

Inside each Chapter, there is a further reference to the specific verse, which can be integrated with any other HTML document. For example, to link directly to Matthew 5:17, the following link is used:

< A HREF="B40C005.htm#V17">Matthew 5:17</A>

The link to the verse in each chapter always begins with "V" and the verse number. A commentary converted to HTML can link to the appropriate verse in the Internet Bible, and allow the reader to view the verse in its context.

Created by, PO Box 31, Elmwood TN, 38560 USA

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