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Psalms Chapter 138 - Bible in Basic English

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The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 138


Of David.
I will give you praise with all my heart: I will make melody to you before the gods.


I will give worship before your holy Temple, praising your name for your mercy and for your unchanging faith: for you have made your word greater than all your name.


When my cry came to your ears you gave me an answer, and made me great with strength in my soul.


All the kings of the earth will give you praise, O Lord, when the words of your mouth come to their ears.


They will make songs about the ways of the Lord; for great is the glory of the Lord.


Though the Lord is high, he sees those who are low; and he has knowledge from far off of those who are lifted up.


Even when trouble is round me, you will give me life; your hand will be stretched out against the wrath of my haters, and your right hand will be my salvation.


The Lord will make all things complete for me: O Lord, your mercy is eternal; do not give up the works of your hands.

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