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Psalms Chapter 130 - Bible in Basic English

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The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 130


A Song of the going up.
Out of the deep have I sent up my cry to you, O Lord.


Lord, let my voice come before you: let your ears be awake to the voice of my prayer.


O Jah, if you took note of every sin, who would go free?


But there is forgiveness with you, so that you may be feared.


I am waiting for the Lord, my soul is waiting for him, and my hope is in his word.


My soul is watching for the Lord more than those who are watching for the morning; yes, more than the watchers for the morning.


O Israel, have hope in the Lord; for with the Lord is mercy and full salvation.


And he will make Israel free from all his sins.

Psalms 131




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