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Psalms Chapter 129 - Bible in Basic English

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The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 129


A Song of the going up.
Great have been my troubles from the time when I was young (let Israel now say);


Great have been my troubles from the time when I was young, but my troubles have not overcome me.


The ploughmen were ploughing on my back; long were the wounds they made.


The Lord is true: the cords of the evil-doers are broken in two.


Let all the haters of Zion be shamed and turned back.


Let them be like the grass on the house-tops, which is dry before it comes to full growth.


He who gets in the grain has no use for it; and they do not make bands of it for the grain-stems.


And those who go by do not say, The blessing of the Lord be on you; we give you blessing in the name of the Lord.

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