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Psalms Chapter 12 - Bible in Basic English

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Psalms 11

The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 12


For the chief music-maker on the Sheminith. A Psalm. Of David.
Send help, Lord, for mercy has come to an end; there is no more faith among the children of men.


Everyone says false words to his neighbour: their tongues are smooth in their talk, and their hearts are full of deceit.


The smooth lips and the tongue of pride will be cut off by the Lord.


They have said, With our tongues will we overcome; our lips are ours: who is lord over us?


Because of the crushing of the poor and the weeping of those in need, now will I come to his help, says the Lord; I will give him the salvation which he is desiring.


The words of the Lord are true words: like silver tested by fire and burned clean seven times.


You will keep them, O Lord, you will keep them safe from this generation for ever.


The sinners are walking on every side, and evil is honoured among the children of men.

Psalms 13




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